New Revenue Producers Hired

Twenty-three years on, the firm's magnetism for the best bankers in our markets is strong, fueled by major bank mergers and industry austerity that can leave people feeling like an expendable commodity. Professionals will gladly leave a churn-and-burn atmosphere and readily embrace the value of a win-together, lose-together culture where they're trusted to do the right thing and teammates keep commitments to each other.

This attractive proposition catalyzes Pinnacle's growth in new geographic markets and specialty services. In each case, Pinnacle recruits a leader or small team of successful veterans who draw on their established networks and attract a high-performing set of team players. It typically doesn't take long for the ranks to start filling up.

Our hiring model generates steady deposit and loan growth for years beyond each revenue producer's first day on the job as they work to attract their loyal clients to come on board. For Pinnacle, continuous investment in people pays off.

Magnet for High Performers
2023 loan growth attributable to hires in new and existing markets
Recruiting Impact
2023 loan growth attributable to revenue producers hired in legacy markets since 2021

Much of our loan growth is not due to new borrowers showing up at Pinnacle Bank with a new idea to pitch. Our borrowers have extended relationships with our associates over, in many cases, decades of working with each other. This is not just true for Charlotte, Nashville, Charleston and other legacy markets, but that applies to Atlanta, DC, Birmingham and Jacksonville.”

Harold Carpenter, Chief Financial Officer

Pinnacle's values are timeless, underpinning every action and decision, whether the market is bull or bear. As the firm expands its footprint and attracts more associates, the cultural emphasis remains on personal connections with each other. We believe people work best together when they take time to know, appreciate and trust one another. And feeling known and valued is a leading cause of workplace happiness, as measured by our internal work environment survey—a scorecard every bit as important to Pinnacle as the balance sheet.

2023 Work Environment Survey

97.2% This is a great firm where associates want to work
96.0% Our firm's culture is special – something you don't find just anywhere
97.4% There are associates here who I consider my friend
95.0% The Leadership Team shows a genuine interest in the well-being of associates
96.2% I am given the responsibility and freedom to do my job
93.2% Our firm's policies give me the flexibility to maintain balance in my life
93.8% I believe what I am told by my manager
92.5% Associates on my team work well together
88.4% I can count on associates to cooperate across teams
87.8% There is a sense that we are all on the same team
89.8% I am comfortable expressing my opinions on issues important to me
90.5% In my team, we communicate openly about issues that impact each other's work
89.0% In my team, we have opportunities to contribute to important decisions

Many of our associates left the stifling, bureaucratic sales grind at other institutions in favor of a workplace that prioritizes teamwork among experienced professionals who make sound decisions and deliver effective advice. After they arrive, it takes time to realize that no, this isn't too good to be true. We really can eliminate bureaucracy, push autonomy to the local and individual level and give associates the freedom to pursue balance in their lives without it coming at the expense of the bottom line.

Then they stay for the long term. Low turnover produces consistency and shared history for stronger relationships and retention of institutional knowledge, which is the absolute key to a differentiated level of service.

Retention Rate

It's an amazing feeling each morning knowing that I'm going into a job that I love and can see myself staying until retirement.”

Anonymous comments from Pinnacle's work environment survey

I came here through three mergers, and I am so grateful that Pinnacle is where I landed. I have never in my 39 years of banking worked for a place that truly cares so much about their employees. My team is my family!”

Anonymous comments from Pinnacle's work environment survey

Never has been and never will be a better company to work for.”

Anonymous comments from Pinnacle's work environment survey

It's great for business: Happy, loyal associates on high-performing teams naturally deliver markedly better client experiences.