But working with their favorite banker is only half the equation. The bank must continue to earn their business.

Competing on price would be the easiest answer; it's a reliable way to win business and boost loans and deposits within a quarter. It comes at a cost, though, and not just to margins. Clients easily won with a better interest rate will only be loyal until a better deal comes along.

To earn long-term loyalty, you need something much more meaningful than price. You need to deliver a service experience clients can't get anywhere else and a deep relationship with a trusted partner who will always have their back. Those factors are the difference between winning shallow, transactional business and earning a fully engaged client who sticks with and actively advocates for their favorite bank.

Recruiting and Strategic Expansions Drive Loan Growth

*Strategic Expansion and Recruiting Impact combined for a total $2.8 billion of loan growth in 2023. Strategic expansion volumes include certain loans that are recorded in the various geographies but for illustration purposes are included as Strategic Expansion loans due to the relationships managers assigned to a specialty lending unit.

We've outlined how we're able to recruit and retain the best bankers and excite them in their work so they can pass that energy to clients. Another element at play is the environment that sets them up for success. Eliminating bureaucracy gives associates greater autonomy and pushes decisions to the local level, both increasing the quality of the decision and providing a direct benefit to the client. It makes nearly every process easier, faster and more personal.

Leading the Southeast in Every Category

Among Businesses with Annual Revenues of $1-500 million

Overall Satisfaction
Ease of Doing Business
Overall Digital Experience
Overall Product Capability
Customer Service Professional

To enhance that level of service, we've invested in technology focused on ease of doing business to create a “high touch and high tech” approach that attempts to meet everyone where they are with a consistent experience.

When you have excited associates creating a joyful banking experience inside of an environment focused on fast, easy and personal service, every client can feel important instead of just being told they are.

That's a perfect example of how we earn business from new clients and additional business from existing ones. We earn their loyalty when we deliver results, helping them and their business grow in ways beyond their own vision. That comes from a deep understanding of each client's needs and goals and a proactive approach to advice that presents a solution before the problem is even on their radar.

Leading the Southeast in Every Category

Among Businesses with Annual Revenues of $1-500 million

Bank You Can Trust
Values Long-term Relationships
Data and Analytics-drive Insights
Overall Satisfaction
Effectively Coordinates Product Specialists
Responsiveness and Prompt Follow-up
Frequency of Visits
Proactively Provides Advice
Understanding Your Industry

Once our work begins to bear fruit, the choice to bank at Pinnacle is rewarded with a deeper, more meaningful relationship that transcends day-to-day business, becoming a real partnership. As that partnership grows, so do loyalty and the benefits enjoyed by both sides of the equation. The client gets more and better solutions for their finances, with service and results as the most important factors—not pricing. That's critical as the rate environment changes, allowing for more give and take in rate discussions, which is one reason why Pinnacle's loan yields are among the highest in our peer group.

Having a banking partner instead of a relationship manager offers consistency and connection in an uncertain world—particularly when compared to tumult of a merger, difficulties of a system conversion and the loss of familiarity that comes from staff consolidation and reduction.

That factor is most important in difficult times, like 2023. When isolated bank failures frightened much of the country into believing we would experience a full-blown crisis, many believed the megabanks and money centers were the only safe places for deposits. And as the threat of a recession loomed and grew throughout the year, clients needed continual reassurance that they and their business were in the right hands.

That's when a bank like Pinnacle can turn loyalty into active advocacy. Our financial advisors reached out to clients with an immediate, proactive response to the news of the day and presented answers to their biggest concerns. Thanks to the foresight of our risk management teams, we had solutions in place to better protect their funds and respond to changing credit and cash flow needs.

The results speak for themselves. Of our largest 200 deposit clients, we didn't lose a single one from March to April 2023. And as the FDIC's market share rankings show, our momentum generally kept up in the months that followed.

As we have experienced throughout our history, deep relationships, proactive and transparent communication and a quick focus on solutions are what clients crave when times look tough. That's where trust is cemented, and lifetime loyalty is given a megaphone to sing our praises.

Market-leading Net Promoter Scores with No Detractors

Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem

Source: Coalition Greenwich, 3Q23

Client Surveys Show Deep Trust and Loyalty

My financial advisor...

is recognizably better than his/her competitors.
delivers against his/her commitments.
makes me aware of potential problems before they become real problems.
listens to me and understands my needs before proposing a solution.
provides me with knowledge and creative insights that I would not have had without him/her.

I love the hometown feel that I get from all employees at Pinnacle that I come in contact with. From the top to the bottom. I never get the feeling of being 'Big banked!'”

High Point, NC

I always enter the branch and I'm treated more like a family member than a customer. The best bank ever.”

Nashville, TN

The personal relationship that comes with truly wanting to achieve our goals, as opposed to only achieving a quota makes a huge difference.”

Burlington, NC

I am personally known by everyone at the branch - it is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Never a delay or a wait. My advisor has become a friend. Holds true for the financial advisor, commercial banker, branch manager down to the tellers.”

Charlotte, NC

I always feel like I'm being taken care of. I switched from another institution and the difference is amazing. I would highly recommend Pinnacle Bank to anyone!”

Greenville, SC

After years of rotating personnel and lack of coordinated service at a larger bank, we have been totally happy with Pinnacle.”

Atlanta, GA

[I appreciate the team] keeping our organization abreast of what is happening in the banking industry and how it may or may not impact our business, conducting their due diligence and ensuring our funds are safeguarded, and the personal contact with our banking partner.”

Washington, D.C.

Pinnacle provides what I refer to as the ‘small town' banking experience, where you can resolve a problem over the phone with your local branch. I recommend Pinnacle to people at least one time a month. I cannot say enough good things about the Leadership and associates.”

Charleston, SC

Keep being the bank that doesn't act like a bank. Keep acting in good faith & believing in your clients. Keep providing true professionals to handle the entire process & keep acting like you care because it absolutely seems that you do care.”

Raleigh, NC

Moving to Pinnacle was NIGHT and DAY difference from what I was accustomed to in the banking industry. I've never been a 'raving fan' of a bank, but now I am. I suggest Pinnacle to every small business.”

Birmingham, AL

We believe that kind of advocacy makes our model self-perpetuating, with bankers and clients alike helping draw more people to our way of doing business. It's a golden ticket to sustainable growth over the long term and the reason our shareholders have been rewarded so consistently for their faith in us.