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Pinnacle is a home for business owners and others who are sick and tired of impersonal service dictated by leaders and committees a thousand miles away. They come to Pinnacle for a distinctive experience they can’t get anywhere else.

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Our firm is built to deliver community bank service backed by the resources and sophistication of a much larger firm. We build relationships and win business by getting back to the roots of banking: a shoe leather approach based on personal attention.

Our prospecting emphasis is on advice, forging genuine connections with people and demonstrating our value and advantages over other banks. You won’t see call parties at Pinnacle. We don’t make lead lists and don’t ask our financial advisors to spend their time running reports of how many they’ve called.

And frankly, we don’t have to. That’s because we hire the best people who have at least 10 years of experience — the average for client-facing new hires is more than 20 — for exactly that reason. We don’t want to build out a system of middle managers who spend all their time looking over the shoulders of our financial advisors.

We trust them to do the work, do it right and give clients an exceptional experience because they have a track record of success at similar and larger firms. We’re much more concerned with the results they get. So we give our people the autonomy they need to pursue new business, win it and give their clients what they need to achieve their goals.

It takes a needs-based mindset, not sales-based, to make that happen. When we listen to clients, we can understand and even anticipate their needs and then find ways to meet them. When we do that, “cross-selling” takes care of itself.

That style of banking didn’t used to be distinctive. It’s what our industry was built on, but it’s been lost in the modern client experience.

Our people choose that path because it leads to deeper and longer relationships, which is the key to sustainability and long-term success.

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Lifelong financial relationships are built on trust and results. We get that from:


We believe ours is unmatched. Period. Our people work hard for business, because they’re reaching for the best clients — people who need and expect something above the norm.


Our people are creative. They find solutions no one else has thought of, because they are experienced, smart and get to know their clients beyond the balance sheet. They also have the resources and sophisticated tools of a $25 billion firm at their fingertips.

Ease of Doing Business

Time after time, client after client, they all say the same thing. “Pinnacle makes it easy.” That goes for simple checking accounts and large, complex commercial credit transactions.

Pinnacle earned 25 Greenwich Excellence and Best Brand Awards for small business and middle market banking. Winning categories included Likelihood to Recommend and Overall Satisfaction. Greenwich Associates is the world's foremost provider of market research in financial services. Learn more about what this means for our firm.

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Though many use it as a marketing slogan, our combination of big bank capabilities with community bank service is unique, because the very foundation of our company was built on it. No other bank in our class can truly match that.

  • Local Decision-making When our clients meet with a local leader, they’re speaking to the person in charge, not an underling to the person calling the shots from headquarters. By eschewing lines of business in favor of geographic leadership, we can put decisions in the hands of those who know the client best.
  • Credit We don’t do central credit committees made up of people who have never met the client and don’t understand the business. We operate on a signature system where 90 percent of credit decisions can be made directly by the financial advisor and his or her leader. Further, we have created a workplace that allows financial and credit advisors to work as partners toward the same goal — not at cross-purposes like too many other banks.
  • Relationship Management We have no call parties or overbearing lead reports. We trust our financial advisors to go after and win new business, and then we trust them to do the right thing for their clients. No micromanagement needed.
  • Full Service From the very beginning, we have sought to meet all of a client’s needs. We offer robust, start-to-finish business support for companies at every stage, as well as complete personal finance options including lending, investment management, trust, insurance and more.

We know our model works because clients tell us our people are better than the rest.


Is recognizably better than his/her competitors


Delivers against his/her commitments


Makes me aware of potential problems before they become real problems


Generally offers workable solutions


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South Carolina
North Carolina
South Carolina
High Point
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North Carolina

Pinnacle operates in 11 primarily urban markets in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Get highlights of our momentum and further potential in each of them, including hiring, loan and deposit growth figures, market share movement and economic rankings.

Incredible Momentum

Team Pinnacle in Memphis continues the rapid ascent it began when our firm entered the market in 2015. We crossed the $1 billion loan mark for the first time after crossing the same milestone in deposits a year earlier. Our share of deposits in the market continued to grow as well, moving into the No. 6 position on the FDIC's list as of June 30, 2018. And the team repeated as the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Memphis.

Memphis itself is a city with momentum, as Mayor Jim Strickland described it. Two major corporate headquarters are moving into downtown: FedEx Logistics and Indigo Ag, one of the nation's leading agricultural tech firms. They bring with them nearly 1,400 jobs and $50 million in investment. And coming soon to the Mississippi River is a new aquarium and tourist development district to bring visitors and revenue into the city.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.34 billion Loan Growth


to $1.07 billion Deposit Growth


Moved up to No. 6 Market Share

Personalized attention to detail in all facets of banking matters. Human touch is priceless

ED FLEMMONSPool Contractors Supply, Inc. in Memphis, TN

Memphis on the Charts

No. 1 Bank

Pinnacle is the No. 1 bank in our hometown of Nashville, according to FDIC deposit data as of June 30, 2018, which is a momentous milestone in our firm's history. Pinnacle is one of very few modern banks to go from de novo to No. 1 in a major American MSA. Loan growth also topped double digits as the team expanded to serve more clients.

Pinnacle is poised to play a key role in our city's strong economic growth. Nashville won big in the contest for Amazon's new headquarters, landing an operational center with 5,000 jobs and $230 million in investment. That came on the heels of AllianceBernstein announcing its corporate headquarters moving from Wall Street to downtown Nashville and EY opening an office with 600 jobs.

A rapidly-growing construction company needed better financing and an advisor the guide them. They found both at Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $6.27 billion Loan Growth


to $7.47 billion Deposit Growth


Moved up to No. 1 Market Share

Nashville on the Charts

Tech Leader

With just two offices, Team Pinnacle in Chattanooga grew loans by double digits and deposits by nearly 10 percent. The team also grew in several key areas, including C&I, wealth, small business and mortgage, thanks to a robust hiring pipeline from larger competitors in the market.

Chattanooga's reputation as a national leader in the industries of the future was bolstered by major economic developments and recognitions. Volkswagen announced an $800 million expansion to make Chattanooga its center of electric vehicle production in the United States. That new plant will bring the company's total investment in the region to $2.3 billion with 3,500 jobs. And a leading producer of solar panels began work on a $150 million plant in nearby Dalton, GA, with 500 jobs.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.26 billion Loan Growth


to $871.5 million Deposit Growth


Held Steady at No. 4 Market Share

Jimmy is an aggressive problem solver who works hard to meet needs. I am always confident that if there is a solution, he will find it.

DAVID BOWERS, JR.Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga on the Charts

50% Deposit Growth

Pinnacle once again placed No. 1 on the Knoxville News-Sentinel's list of the Top Workplaces in Knoxville. They did it while also expanding the deposit base by 50 percent in a single year, according to FDIC data from June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2018, and climbing to the No. 5 bank in Knoxville in terms of deposits.

Knoxville and the surrounding region are known as Innovation Valley for East Tennessee's connection to advanced science through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, robust higher education through the University of Tennessee and strong capabilities to support technology and emerging industries.

Wanting to follow his dream but unsure of how to get there, a passionate brewer finds a kindred spirit at Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.55 billion Loan Growth


to $1.49 billion from Dec. 2017 to Dec. 2018 Deposit Growth


Moved up to No. 5 Market Share

Knoxville on the Charts

Double-digit Growth

Our momentum in Upstate South Carolina took off in 2018. The team of revenue producers has doubled since we entered the market in 2017, and as a result loans and deposits have both grown by double digits. And Pinnacle is climbing the charts in deposit market share, moving into the No. 14 spot in a crowded field, according to FDIC data as of June 30, 2018.

Greenville and Spartanburg are considered among the fastest-growing cities with potential in the Southeast. "2019 promises to be an active year" for the state's economy, according to the daily paper in Charleston. In the Upstate, a major inland port is set to receive a major upgrade to increase capacity, and BMW just started rolling X7s off the line.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $418.7 million Loan Growth


to $378.5 million Deposit Growth


Moved up to No. 14 Market Share

Upstate on the Charts

$1 Billion in Deposits

Charlotte moved into a crucial position for our firm as the No. 2 market for lending behind only Nashville. It's also No. 4 among our markets for deposits, thanks to 14 percent growth that pushed us over the $1 billion mark in 2018. That growth is due in large part to incredible team building, with 12 new revenue
producers hired in as many months.

Charlotte's ascent among American cities continues with incredible population growth and corresponding commercial and residential development. The region's economy is also benefiting from major corporate headquarter relocations and expansions like Honeywell with 750 new jobs and AvidXChange with another 1,220.

When a coffee shop owner was in a fight for her life, her partner from Pinnacle was there to help.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.81 billion Loan Growth


to $1.10 billion Deposit Growth


Held Steady at No. 9 Market Share

Charlotte on the Charts

Economic Growth

One of America's best small cities in one of the best states for business, Winston-Salem has experienced dramatic growth. Unemployment sat below 3 percent toward the end of 2018 as the number of businesses climbed year-over-year.

Pinnacle Growth

William has been (and continues to be) one of our favorite bankers. Always steps ahead of us and a pleasure to know and work with him.


Winston-Salem on the Charts

$2 Billion in Deposits

The Triad is Pinnacle's second home and base of operations in the Carolinas and Virginia. It's appropriate, then, that it's the firm's No. 2 market for deposits, having crossed the $2 billion mark in 2018. That's good enough for the No. 3 spot across the Greensboro/High Point and Winston-Salem MSAs, according to FDIC data as of June 30, 2018. We also saw significant loan growth thanks to key revenue producer hires in diverse lines of business.

With North Carolina listed as Forbes' No. 1 Best State for Business, Pinnacle is positioned to take full advantage of the economic boon the state is experiencing.

When a small town child care center needed to serve more kids and create more jobs, they turned to Pinnacle for help.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.60 billion Loan Growth


to $2.01 billion Deposit Growth


Held Steady at No. 3 Market Share

The Triad on the Charts

Tremendous Growth

Pinnacle gained a great deal of traction as a player in Raleigh's growing economy in 2018. Tremendous growth in loans, which crossed the $1 billion mark for the first time, and deposits, which rose nearly 30 percent, was fueled by a growing team that added 10 revenue producers during the year.

In a state already experiencing robust business growth, the Triangle region had some of North Carolina's biggest economic development wins in 2018. Three major corporate relocations and expansions will bring a steady stream of new jobs and accompanying development for years to come, including Advance Auto Parts, and LabCorp.

Nobody seemed to believe Mako Medical would make it past startup. That changed after a conversation with Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $1.04 billion Loan Growth


to $581.1 million Deposit Growth


Moved up to No. 14 Market Share

The Triangle on the Charts

Expanding Our Reach

Pinnacle expanded its reach in Virginia in 2018 by opening a loan-production office in Lynchburg led by two veteran commercial financial advisors. This push east helped lead our firm to double-digit deposit growth and loan growth of almost 10 percent. Clients and associates responded to our culture and distinctive service in a major way, telling us it's a breath of fresh air compared to other banking experiences.

Virginia remains one of America's leading growth states, bolstered by Amazon's announcement of HQ2 just outside of Washington, D.C..

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $462.3 million Loan Growth


to $583.7 million Deposit Growth


Held Steady at No. 5 Market Share

I LOVE working with Pinnacle. You have some cultural magic going on there that is simply not found in most financial institutions.


Virginia on the Charts

Steady Growth

Our reach up and down the South Carolina coast has put Pinnacle in prime position to benefit from the region's growth. Loans and deposits grew steadily, as did our team. Success here can help fuel further growth in South Carolina as we seek to close the gap between the Coast and the Upstate.

"2019 promises to be an active year" for the South Carolina economy, according to the daily paper in Charleston, and energy, aviation and shipping will play key parts. Tourism and hospitality are also crucial to the region's success, two areas we have a great deal of experience with thanks to our work in Nashville and Memphis.

Reopening a shuttered Navy shipyard was a massive project with thousands of jobs at stake. So a group of business leaders turned to their "super banker" for help.

Pinnacle Growth


Producers Hired


to $830 million Loan Growth


to $892.4 million Deposit Growth


Charleston: Moved to No. 8 Market Share

South Carolina Coast on the Charts

Charlotte, NC Winston-Salem, NC Greensboro/High Point, NC Raleigh/Durham, NC Greenville/Spartanburg, SC Charleston, SC Chattanooga, TN Memphis, TN Nashville,TN Knoxville, TN Roanoke, VA